Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Superman Redesigned!

Superman © DC Comics
Redesign by Corey Breen
Photoshop Color

Superman © DC Comics
Redesign by Corey Breen

As we usually do at work, my coworkers and I started arguing about comics and comic book movies. When the Superman Movie news came out the other week, we started arguing about how the new movie could be better then the Bryan Singer version. It spilled over into a conversation about comics and I mentioned that I hate Superman's costume, so the movie and the comics should start there. My coworkers said, no, no, you can't change Superman's costume because it's classic and that's what it is. I came back and said, fine, it really shouldn't be changed, but can we at LEAST just get rid of the underwear?! I HATE superheroes with the underwear on the outside of the costume. As Karl Pilkington would say, "get rid of it!".

I couldn't convinced my friend Dezi that I could make it better just by getting rid of the underwear. He said prove it. Draw it up, and color it (he didn't think the colors would work if you got rid of the red undies).

So here ya go, Dezi. In color!

I like it, I think it works. Makes him look regal, and still has all the elements of the classic Superman costume, just no belt and NO UNDERWEAR! He actually looks his age, not some silly boy scout, campy loser. I like the pointed shoulders too, like a military general's tunic. Makes him look government-ish, without losing the freedom of the classic look.

Let me know if you agree!

Until next time,

Corey Breen

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