Friday, March 18, 2011

Swipe File? LOL

The Rocketeer © Dave Stevens
By Corey Breen (left) & Alex Ross (right)

Did Alex Ross SWIPE my Rocketeer drawing?! Well, no, I highly DOUBT it. But I saw this today, and had to do a side-by-side comparison just to see. It is kinda eerie, but in NO WAY do I think it's a swipe, at all. I mean, for one, there is probably no way in hell he's ever seen this piece of my work before, and two, it's not exactly the same anyway. It's not a direct copy at all.

This happens sometimes in our field, where one image is slightly like another. I mean, there are only so many positions to draw these heroes in anymore after 75 years, you know? I actually got accused once by a Top Cow editor of swiping a position. But honestly, I didn't. I was in college at the time, and I have never seen this promo image that circulated months after I drew mine. It was only similar anyway, no where near the exact same. You could totally tell both were drawn from our heads. Both done around the exact same time as well, so there was no way either me or the artist knew of the others' drawing. It happens sometimes. Nothing you can worry about.

REAL swipes are the blatant tracings of other people's drawings or photographs. Not something like the above, where it's a classic pose and the two pieces are just similar in nature.

Well, there you have it,


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I'd sue that mothatrucka!