Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What, You Thought This Was a Democracy?!

Front Cover to "The Art of Corey Breen" © Corey Breen
By Corey Breen

Back Cover to "The Art of Corey Breen" © Corey Breen
By Corey Breen

So here it is! The final front and back covers to my 'Art of' book that I will be selling starting at the NYCC in October! I thank you all for your votes on the Blog and on Facebook and Twitter, for helping me decide what cover to use. As you can see, it is not the one that won out in voting. I will not be using the Neon Spider-Man pin-up as the cover. I know it was the clear cut winner, but I had to over rule that, unfortunately. I know a lot of you really like the Spider-Man cover, but I felt it wasn't the best idea to go ahead with that one.

I personally voted for the SaricH cover, myself mainly because I want to feature him heavily at the con. I have a statue for display and for sale of him, I will have postcards made of this image, and more, and now I have him featured on the cover to my first "book". I not only wanted to use him for those reasons, but I always was worried that if I went with the Spider-Man piece, I was using a character I did not create, for the cover. As was stated in the original post, using a character that is copyrighted by someone else, in this case, Marvel Comics, was definitely frowned upon by other artists who make sketchbooks and art books for the cons. I talked to a bunch of people in the know-how that starting at his con, companies could possibly be going after people who do, or people who feature their characters for more then 1/4 of their books. I didn't want to ruffle any features here, and I just felt it was much more of an ideal situation to feature my creator owned character on the cover anyway. It's ok to have pin-ups of Marvel and DC characters on the inside of the book, which I have, including the Neon Spider-Man pin-up that will not be the cover. It's just not as kosher to have a non-creator owned character on your cover. SO hope that makes sense.

I thank you all for voting and for your valued input! It really means a lot to me to hear from you, and know that you all are reading and at least enjoying everything I'm working on. I'm REALLY glad you loved the Spider-Man cover, and I hope you still like and possibly purchase my book at the con or after the con, now featuring SaricH on the cover instead. I can't WAIT for October, and I can get these into your hands! Thank you again for all your support!

Now to get this book to the printers! More info to come on that!

All my best!


PS- Notice that I got rid of the sun in the SaricH cover, and also moved his tail to the back of him, and up towards the top! I think it works MUCH better now! Thank you to my love, my wife, Kristy on helping me make it better! She is my greatest critic, and the best art director an artist can have! Thank you, sweetie!

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