Monday, August 9, 2010


Neon Spider-Man © Marvel Comics
By Corey Breen
Manual Inks

Neon Spider-Man Sketch © Marvel Comics
By Corey Breen

Before I get to the next piece (Grendel), I just wanted to share the MANUAL inks I did for the Neon Spider-Man pin-up. Last post I mentioned I was going to ink this piece by hand as well as digitally. I wanted to show the difference (if any) between manually inking something and the digital inks I did previously. In this piece, I used pen & ink, and for the green & yellow colors I just used highlighters. I'm not the greatest inker, as you can see above, so I was more happy with the previous digital inks! There isn't much difference though. It really now becomes whether or not I want a physical copy of the inks. If you do digital inks, you don't have a physical copy, obviously. That could hurt any chance of selling the work in the future, because it only exists digitally.

One of the other reasons I inked this both digitally and manually, was that I wanted that physical piece to send to a fan who requested a commission. So, I hope he appreciates the extra time spent inking this piece by hand when I already had the inks I wanted, all done by a Cintique! Hope you like it, Cody Williams!

The second drawing is just yet another of the sketches I did in preparation for the Spidey piece that I forgot to include in the last post. Again, didn't go final with this pose because I just wanted something way more dramatic.

Oh, and by the way the manual inks took twice as long as the digital inks, as I thought it would. So will I ink everything digitally now? Not sure, but I follow this process I used, it looks to be the best way to work. Now I just need a Cintique for my home, not just here at work!


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