Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back to the FUTURE!

Batman & Robin Beyond © DC Comics
By Corey Breen

Batman & Robin Beyond © DC Comics
By Corey Breen
Pencil Sketch

If you've been following me on Twitter or Facebook, I've been saying all week that I got a TON of drawing done on what was my last summer vacation this past weekend. I basically stayed home from Friday until yesterday, Tuesday, drawing. The rest of this week, I promised I'd share a lot of what I got done. I actually have plans to ink and color some of the pieces, and also, one is being inked by my often collaborator, Steve Wands! But I'll share those pieces too, since inks and colors make take longer, and I don't want to hold out after promising to show all the work I did.

Above is the first drawing I will be showing, and this one is kinda an oldie, but goodie. If you remember this drawing from a year ago (or more), then congrats, you really do follow my art. But if you don't, I included the original sketch just below the finished piece. What happened with this piece, I'll never know, but I put it aside after the sketch I did, and never got around to finishing it. Well that changed this past week, because I decided to finish it, so I could warm up to draw all the other pieces I drew this past weekend.

This was a good piece to get my hand all warmed up, and get my juices following to draw all weekend. Artists do that a lot, actually. It's hard to knock off the rust each day, and get into a nice groove to be able to draw all day. But once you knock off that rust, it's really hard to stop. So I went back to this piece so I can just mess around and knock off any rust, so I can get into the drawing groove. And it TOTALLY worked, trust me. All I think the piece came out pretty cool too. Glad I went back and finished the pencils on this one, because it was a piece I meant to finish when I originally drew it. Better late then never, I suppose.

So enjoy this first piece, and it'll be like a warm up for my readers, so you can really get into the next 4-5 pieces I did, and see how much warming up helps create some really good works. Really proud of the work I did his past weekend, and I hope it shows.


Coming Up-

Green Lantern
Neon Spider-Man Costume
Hunter Rose, Grendel

PS- I will be showing a LOT of my process with these next posts/drawings, so you can see how I work, what my process is like, and how I get to the finished product. Should be pretty cool, I hope!

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