Thursday, April 29, 2010

NOK, NOK? Who's there? Jason!

Indigo Tribe - Green Lantern © DC Comics
Colors by Jason Embury
Art by Corey Breen

When I joined Twitter, I never thought it would click with me like it has. The vast community that it is, has really expanded every aspect of career and my life in general. Since joining, I have grown my fan base ten-fold, gained so many new friends in and out of comics, and my creative juices had been flowing non-stop! Being a part of a online community where you can talk shop and share endlessly with some of your biggest influences and heroes, has driven me to work harder then I ever have before. I can't even imagine life without this amazing technology.

I think from being a Production Artist all these years, I have a real respect and admiration for colorists, and them for me. I understand what kind of stress and deadlines they are under, with little to no recognition to show for it after it's all done. These guys and gals work their butts off on these comics, and sometimes more so then the actual penciller and inker, are called on to turn pages around, literally overnight. I think because I've worked with so many colorists and how I dabble with coloring myself, I as able to connect with one in particular because of Twitter and Facebook. One of the amazing new friendships I've gained has been with Jason Embury.

Jason and I started talking shop almost as soon as I joined Twitter, and we've become great friends through it. We shoot ideas and advice and stories, and links back and forth all the time. Although we've never met, I'm sure that will change soon, too. Jason is a hard working colorist on the rise to superstar-dome, in my eyes! He has already become a real inspiration to me, and not just his incredible work ethic, but his skill as well. He strives to be better all the time, and is open to advice and ideas all the time. I think he is the epitome of why I get along with most colorists the best. As an artist, it's very hard sometimes to get along with other artists because of that competitive nature we all have. But colorists are a different breed of artists and they tend to be more friendlier and open to experiencing so much more then your average artist.

Since becoming friends with Jason, he has shown a great interest in my art, and I his. For some reason, he likes my work, and I think he is going to be the next big name in the field, just you watch! You heard it here first. Because of this, I've had the pleasure of him wanting to color some of my pieces for me! I sent him some art he thought would be really cool to color, and above is one of the first ones he did for me.

I think it is really AWESOME! He did an amazing job with it. This was really just a quick drawing I did back when Blackest Night started, but Jason digitally inked it, and colored the HELL out of it. I can't thank him enough for this, and can't tell him how cool I think he made it (especially with the rendering on the staffs and the landscape/ background). I LOVE when other people color my work, it makes me feel like a million bucks, and I am honored that Jason did this! I hope he remembers me when he gets all rich and famous!

I hope you like it, and if you want to see more of Jason Embury's AWESOME colors and what books he is coloring right NOW, please check out his website at:

I'll be back later in the week with more goodies to share!

Until then,

Corey Breen

Indigo Tribe - Green Lantern © DC Comics
Original Art by Corey Breen


Eloy Trevino said...

I work with Jason in Michigan and he one of the hardest workers I know at their craft if not the hardest worker. Amazingly talented. I fell in love with work right away and immediately became a fan and he tweets like a MoFo. Love the drawing and the coloring. Keep it up.

Corey Breen said...

So right you are Eloy! Jason has been and will continue to be a BIG influence on me, as an artist and friend, and I hope for all the success in the world for all of us!

I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with such AMAZINGLY talented people every day, of which Jason is one, and I try not to ever take that for granted.

Thank you for the kind words on behalf of Jason and myself!

Take care,


jmbreen9 said...

Amazing work guys! Cor, how about some props for the guy who told you to join twitter?? I'm refering to myself :)

Corey Breen said...

YEAH, Jon, totally gotta give you credit about that, you are right! I was against it at first. SO THANK YOU, Bro!