Friday, April 23, 2010

Gonna Watch Avatar on Blu-Ray til I'm BLUE in the Face!

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen
Pen & Ink & Whiteout

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Phtoshop

So guess whats out on DVD/ Blue-Ray?! Unless you live in a cave, you know it's Avatar, right? Now I know it's just the regular no-frills edition (the 3D Special Edition comes out in November, even though NO one has a 3D TV yet or ever), but I don't care, I ran to the store to pick it up. I started this piece soon after I saw J Scott Campbell's piece of Neytiri that he was doing on his UStream, and included in his Con Sketchbook from C2E2, and got inspired! I think this is my BEST interpretation of Neytiri so far, or any of my Avatar drawings. I think I got the likeness down better of the gorgeous Zoe Saldana. Let me tell you, likeness are HARD, and it takes about 3-4 drawings to even START to get it looking like you want it to look. And I'm still trying. But here is my latest Avatar Neytiri drawing (my 4th if you can believe, and I'm sure you can).
Hope you like it. I drew it in pencil first, then inked it, and did some white out splatter effects. Then I colored it all up in Photoshop, and also gave it a Canvas filter to kind of make it look all uniformed.

I Was supposed to post it last night, but didn't finish it until late. There's still some things I would even tweek on this piece, but I figured it was time to wrap it up. REALLY enjoyed doing this piece though, and already I want to do another one. This movie and world and characters has inspired me like no other, and maybe not since Lord of the Rings have I been this creativitly influenced. So knock me all you want for loving Avatar but it's kinda become more then just a movie and video game to me, but a HUGE influence in everything I will do for a long long time... until the sequel!Talk to everyone soon (really soon- like Monday). I have at LEAST two to three post to do immediately next week that I am really proud of and can finally show. And that will be nice after what it seems like forever I haven't had stuff to post, even though I've been workin' my bum off!


Corey OUT!

Avatar Pizza Party Tonight at my place, 8pm on Blue-Ray!

PS- Below are some AMAZING Avatar pin-up's that are AWESOME!

Art of Avatar Neytiri Statue

Jeffery Cruz

Unknown Artist

Oliver Nome

Patrick Brown

J Scott Campbell

Unknown Artist (don't even know if this is an Avatar Pic)

Gentle Giant LTD

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