Saturday, April 24, 2010

Blu in the Face!

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen

After watching Avatar on Blu-Ray for the first time (fourth time seeing the movie overall), I knew I needed to spruce up my latest Neytiri pin-up! With the help of my friend, and colorist extraordinaire, Jason Embury (, I threw in a ton of filters and special effects to the piece. Jason threw me some advice and ideas to really make the piece pop, and as you can see, the effects add so much to it.

Thanks for that Jason, and I hope you all like the finished piece now. Sometimes I forget that just coloring something is not the end of it. You really have to go in there and throw in some really dramatic lighting, and mood, and SFX to make it even cooler!

New material to be posted on Monday, so stay tuned (and no it's not another Neytiri piece- I'll save the new one I'm working on for sometime in the future, lol)!


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