Saturday, January 23, 2010

2 for 1 for 1

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox

By Corey Breen

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
By Corey Breen

This blog should have happened about a week or so ago. I'm really sorry it took this long to get around to posting these, for they have been done for a while now, and I know I mentioned them being ready to post. But because I moved addresses (I moved from Forest Hills to Glen Cove), I've had an insanely busy week, and wasn't able to do so until now. I didn't get internet access until Tuesday afternoon, and even then my wife and I have had about a MILLION and two things to do with the apartment. We got really far, and I was able to set up my workstation, desk, and computer, so I'm finally ready to get back to normacy!

So the two above images. Yeah, I'm STILL obsessed with Avatar! And I just saw it AGAIN in 3D last night! It was just as amazing as the first time, maybe even more so. Nothing beats IMAX 3D Avatar, but seeing it in just plain 3D was simply stunning, because IMAX is just so massive and overwhelming, that you see more intricacies and nuances in regular 3D. The 3D really stood out, and the depth of field was so powerful and effective, even more so then the IMAX where the entire movie is just insanity, it's so colorful and sensory overload (which was great too, don't get me wrong)!

So, yeah, I'm in love with the movie, and 3D, and actually, the video game that I got for my new PS3 I got for XMAS! The game is sooooo awesome! A little repetative in it's levels and missions, but who cares, I get to be a Nav'i and roam the world of Pandora, which this game captured in ALL it's beauty, TRUST ME! The game and world look just as breathtaking as the movie, and it is just an AWESOME, awesome looking game. It's really fun too, but I just get to kill a TON of human RDA soldiers and although most hate movie games, I love them! It is really inspiring me to draw too, and not just Avatar pin-ups and fan art.

Which brings us to the above images. I drew these since reading the Art of Avatar bok, and playing the video game, and just absolutly loving the character of Neytiri! I think the actress and the character STOLE the movie, and did such a fnatstic job! So I was trying to come up with a really cool postition to make her in, but it was very difficult. It is hard to draw archers. They're arms really need to be a certain way for you to have them hold a bow and arrow, and then you have to make the rest of their body really movable and believable for the position to work. But then, two drawings started to emrge forom those sketches, so I began work on both of them. One where she is running, the other where she is crouching on some tree tops.

I also decided that I would do one as my regular style of finished pencils, and some shading, and then I would do one just in line drawing form. I love line drawings, and don't do enough of them. I thought this was a perfect opportunity to do two pieces that showed the difference between a line drawing and my shaded pieces. I really dig how both of these came out, and really like each one for different reasons! Let me know which one you like best, I'm curious to know.

Line drawings are actually a LOT harder to do. You can hide a lot more, and trick the viewer's eye more when you use shading. Don't really know how something will translate in a drawing, use shading to help. In a line drawing, you can't do that. It's much harder, because literally, EVERY line must mean something, every line must have a purpose. So therefore, every line you put down, must be thought of carefully. With a shaded drawing, you can define a lot more, but with just lines, that is all the viewer has to go by, so you need to mkae sure the entire drawing translates well. Did I like drawing one more then the other? No. Since I did both at the same time, I enjoyed the process of both, and also loved that I did them simultaneously, because I got to switch form one to the other if I needed a break from one.

I think the only other thing I learned from drawing these two Avatar pics, is that I really need to work on consistency. Not consistency in style though. I feel I have my style down pat. I've been trying for the last 10 years (since college) to nail a style that was part Joe Mad, part Quesada, part McFarlane, and part Campbell, and finally feel I really have one that you can tell right off the bat that that is one of MY, Corey Breen's pictures. I've tried really hard to do that, and now it really is just HOW I draw. When I draw, it's just what comes out, it's my natural style, that's it! But one thing I haven't nailed yet is consistency in recognition of faces between one drawing of a character and another drawing of the same character. I knew one of my flaws was that my faces don't stay consistent enough. I change from drawing to drawing too much. I knew I needed to work on that. But it came very apparent I need to do more because with these two Neytiri pics, they look like different Nav'i people. Both are pretty good likeness of the actress, but from one drawing to the other one, they look too different from each other. I must keep working at trying to make one character look the same in each drawing I do of them.

I will continue to try and improve on that with a couple of projects I hope to start in the coming months, so that will be good practice if nothing else. In the meantime, do yourself a favor... DOWNLOAD my Neytiri pin-ups above, then GO SEE AVATAR in 3D ONE MORE TIME, before it goes out of theaters. I know that may not be for a while, the way it's making money and going to beat Titanic, but it's a real treasure we have to see this movie in 3D, so don't miss out seeing it again on that technology, trust me. It's so worth it!

That's it for me today, but so MUCH more to post this week! I got that Flash drawing I'm finishing up, and before that TWO, count em, TWO Freelance projects to post that I did in the past that I want to talk about and share with you all...

SO... Until Next Time,

Corey Breen
CjB Productions


Swands said...

Good stuff as usual Core--we gotta do a piece again soon!

Corey Breen said...

Thanks, Steve, and YEAH, any time, you know that! I think we work well together, so we'll think of something! See you on Monday, when I'm finally BACK! YAY!

Jason Embury said...

That first Neytari piece is AWESOME man!

Corey Breen said...

Thanks Jason, much appreciated!