Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Portrait Adventures!

Portrait for Private Client for Birthday Gift
Twin Babies as Superheroes
By Corey Breen

Reference Used for Portrait

So I got this wonderful email a couple of months ago from a very old, dear friend and classmate from Syracuse University, named Stephanie. We still say hello here and there on Facebook, but it was a surprise when she emailed me directly, and asked if I would like to do some freelance Illustration for her. She wanted to know if she could hire me to give her brother the BEST Birthday gift she could think of. She wanted to commission me to draw her twin nephews! Her brother's Birthday was coming up in January (actually, the same birthday as my wife), and she had a couple of very specific ideas that were right up my alley.

You see, her brother was a HUGE comic book fan throughout they're lives, and she thought it would be a wonderful idea if I did a portrait of the twins as Superheroes! I thought this was a GREAT idea as well, as I had previously done a baby portrait last year that came out really nicely. Steph wanted to get back to me as to what exact superheroes she wanted the twins to be, and quickly remembered that her brother's favorite characters have always been Superman, and Wolverine! I loved the idea, and told Steph what I would be able to do, and make the image/ portrait just like a real Comic Book Cover!

All Steph had to do was get me as much reference of the babies as she could, what she wanted the "title & credits" to be, and I'll do the rest. Well, she got back to me with a TON of pics to use, and everything she wanted to say on the cover, calling the "comic" 'THE ADVENTURES OF JACK & BEN'! Since it was around the Holidays, and I was also very busy with looking for a new apartment to move to with my wife, I wasn't able to start the drawing til after Christmas. But once I started, I knew EXACTLY what I had in mind for the piece, and started drawing. Everything came into place, and I showed Steph, and she LOVED it! She KNEW her brother would be so shocked, and love it also.

Well, I've held out showing it until now, and since the gift was given to her brother on January 20th, Steph got back to me with pics of her brother opening it. The look on his face was priceless, and made me very VERY happy that all involved were very proud of it!

This piece, as all pieces I do for clients, was a pleasure to do, and I loved to here the reaction I've gotten from people who have given them as gifts to close friends & family! I hope to many, MANY more pieces like this one, and I thank Steph from the bottom of my heart in choosing me to do such a special drawing for her, her brother, and her nephews, that they can treasure for a long, LONG time!

I hope everyone else likes the piece as well!

Until Next Time,



Stephanie Slater said...

It was such a pleasure working with you on this portrait. I honestly can't thank you enough for the amazing piece you created. It means to the world to me that I could give this to my brother - and that it was done by you makes it that much more special. XOXO!

Nicole said...

I'm the boys' mom and Steph's brother's wife. Thanks you so much for doing this. It's an amazing portrait and is hanging in our house already. I think that you are a wonderful artist who really captured the essence of what my boys would look like as Superman and Wolverine!
Much appreciated,

Corey Breen said...

awww, that means so much to me, it really, really does! Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words! It was not only a pleasure to draw the twins (they are soooo cute), but to be able to it for Steph, and her family was a true PLEASURE!

I'm so happy, and very proud that you all love it, and wish you all the best in life. Tell your husband I said happy birthday, and take care! Thanks again,


PS- please feel free to pass along my info to others who you know that would like any kind of portrait, be it them, their pets, or babies. Thanks again! your kind words motivate me, and make it all worth while!


jmbreen9 said...

Cor, this is great! Really cool...

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Corey Breen said...

need a translation for that last comment, hahahahah

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