Friday, May 25, 2012

"52 by 1" - Red Hood and the Outlaws

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1 © DC Entertainment
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Markers & Photoshop

One of my favorite books of the new 52 is one that a lot of people talked a lot of smack about on the inter-webs without even giving it a chance.  I think people were so caught up in the fact that Starfire wears very little clothing and oh, God FORBID there is sex in a comic book... that this book is really quite the unspoken gem of the DC's the New 52!  It's a fantastic combination of action/ adventure and fast paced story-telling mixed with FANTASTIC and exhilarating artwork.  Scott Lobdell and Kenneth Rocafort just really work well together on this book and I hope they stay on it for a VERY long time!  If anyone takes away my Red Hood and the Outlaws book, I will really hold a grudge because people are missing out on a really FUN comic book! LOL

And that's the THING with this book!  With these three characters, the creative team weaves one of the more FUN books out there today.  I think sometimes fans and critics forget that comics can be FUN sometimes.  It doesn't all have to be realistic or on par with the great graphic novels of the last 20 years.  Sometimes it's awesome to come across a book that, well, quite literally, ROCKS!  It's fun, tongue in cheek, doesn't take itself too seriously but has all the gun totting, violent, sexy things I think make this book jump to the top of the read pile every month.  It's like Romancing the Stone, but with superheroes.  And it's really I book I love for all the same reasons I LOVE a show like Showtime's Spartacus!

Just for the art alone by Rocafort is reason to get this book, because NO ONE is doing layouts like his, no one has a style like his, the amount of detail is mind blowing, and I wish I can draw like him!  Combined with colorist Blonde, it is just a PLEASURE to stare at this book and I do so with jaw to the floor every month!  AND they haven't missed an issue YET!  AWESOME!

I can't recommend this book enough to people who just want to have a great time reading a fun book.  A lot of comics today are like homework to read.  I don't WANT homework.  I want to read something fun and different and HOT!  And if you got a stick up your butt about that, then bugger off, because this book is freakin' lights OUT!  Go elsewhere to try and get your website hits by trying to bring down this book and this books' readers.  You better leave my Red Hood book alone to rock on with the people who actually GET it!  (It's really surprising I like this book so much too because I really never agreed with or LIKED the fact that Jason Todd came back from the dead!  But I put that all aside for the New 52 and I really embraced this book!)

Great stuff, and I hope I kicked some A$$ on this "weeks" 52 by 1 piece, because I was REALLY looking forward to doing this one!  It was not an easy piece either for I totally drew them all differently then how they appear in the final cover.  Starfire was originally on the other side who was swapped with Red Hood.  And Roy was over to the far left.  It was weird but I think I made it work by making those changes, and I think I really nailed the tones I wanted in this one.

Next up is the RED LANTERNS #1!  Enjoy the pencil version and marker version sans logos below!



Red Hood and the Outlaws © DC Entertainment
By Corey Breen

Red Hood and the Outlaws © DC Entertainment
By Corey Breen
Pencil & Markers

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