Wednesday, April 2, 2014

World War Mob

World War Mob
Logo Design by Corey Breen
World War Mob © Vito Delsante & Giancarlo Caracuzzo

Hi everyone. Yet another title I am working on is World War Mob published by New Paradigm Studios. I do all the Production and Pre-Press for the series, design the covers, and I also designed the book's logo itself.

Above is the final version, and below is all the different versions that I went through to get to that one. I really like all the different version and am very proud of the one they wound up choosing, but I especially love version C. God knows why, I just do. D is cool too, it looks like a crumbling city, very mobbish, but I understand why it wasn't chosen.

Also below is a link to purchase the series on Comixology (Issues #1 & #2 are available right now and I am currently finishing up the Production of issue #3 which means it will be available very soon digitally). The issues will be collected in TPB printed form when finally complete (it's a four issues limited series) and hopefully does well enough to warrant the squeal. Vito and Giancarlo are BRILLIANT and these series is gorgeous! Please pick it up, it's a labor of love for all involved! And let me know what you think of the logo!


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