Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New York Comic Con Part I

New York Comic Con Part I

So it begins! The countdown to NYCC! Can't tell you how EXCITED I am! I got so much stuff to show, and sell, I hope I can fit it all in a suitcase to bring to the show. I will be drawing sketches to all those who buy an Art of book, and if I sell out of those, I will continue to do sketches through out the con. In fact, just below, you can see the flier I have made that gives a run down of all the services I will be providing at the show.

The main part of my show will be focused around my Art of Corey Breen Book. I will be selling my Art of Book for $10, and if you buy that you will receive a FREE sketch of any character you want (reference may be necessary) in the back of the book on one of the blank pages. The Art of Book is 32 pages in full color, even though most pages are gray-scale versions of some of my more popular colored pieces. I want to give a sense of a sketchbook, even though these are all "finished" pieces on their own.

Next up, I will be selling FULL COLOR 11 x 17 inch Prints of my more popular pieces. These will include the SaricH Art of Corey Breen Cover, my pieces of Grendel, Neytiri, Green Lantern Corps, and Darksiders, among others pieces. Those will be $10 each as well, and I will sign them and/or personalize them.

Next I will have 4 x 5 inch note cards that were a big hit from last year. There are a lot of these of MANY different pieces, so choose your favorite TWO for $5. They are glossy, card stock note cards, and they look REALLY great, I love them. Put them on your fridge! LOL

Comics I have worked on or in can be bought for $5. Also, the two VS. Series trading cards I did for Upper Deck/DC are available, and you can by both of them for $10. LIMITED SUPPLY on the comics & cards though!

Next I will be selling a MAJORITY of my ORIGINAL ART! All the pieces you have seen n my website and Blog WILL be for sale! Most of the pieces are 8.5 x 11 loose leaf drawings. Those will range from $25-$50. Other pieces are random sizes and range in price. I will be selling full 11 x 17 drawings, but they are more expensive, in the $75-$150 range. Double page spread drawings are the most expensive at $300, i.e. the Green Lantern Corps Spread and the Darksiders piece.

I will also have order forms on me to fill out if you want more then just a 5-10 minute sketch in the back of the art of book. I will be taking orders for full on commissions at the show that will be completed starting after the show in the order that they were taken. The Prices are $50 for 8.5 x 11 pieces, and 11 x 17 pieces cost $100. MAX 2 characters per piece. The shipping and handling will be FREE to all those you order.

I will also have the SaricH Statue on DISPLAY for all to see the amazing job Amos Hemsely did with it! Very proud of this, so be careful, and DON'T TOUCH! LOL Amos still has the mold of the piece, so if you do have the money and want a statue of my main dude, SaricH, then I can order one for you. The cost is $250. That I may need shipping help on though, lol. Kristy and I will also be wearing EXCLUSIVE CjB Productions T-Shirts (men's & woman's), so if you would like to order one of those, I can make that happen too, for $15! The T-Shirt's are very cool, actually.

Finally I have some fliers to give out, and business cards of course. BUT, depending on how the show goes, I look forward to offering some really COOL deals, and possibly some really GREAT free swag!

Like I mentioned above, ,my beautiful wife, Kristy will be there on Saturday taking orders and giving out a lot of info as I keep busy with the sketching. Say hello to her, treat her nice, and let's do this!

I can't wait to meet all my fans, and get a TON of new ones! VERY EXCITED ABOUT THE SHOW! Hope to see you all there!

Corey Breen
CjB Productions

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