Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm 'Around the Net'!

Seems like I was all over the internet yesterday. My "weekly" column over on got worldwide recognition! In my column I wrote about the process we here in DC Comics' Pre-Press had to go through to remaster Watchmen for the Absolute Edition, and all future reprints! Below is the link to the column itself, and also where it was featured all around the comic book internet world! I was very proud and honored to be featured on Newsarama especially, for I have been a follower since almost it's inception. To be able to be recognized on that site has always been a dream of mine, and I'm glad I got the chance thanks to columnist David Pepose! Thanks David!

Original Article:

Newsarama Feature about my column:

Other links to my column on various sites:

UPDATED: Now on The Beat, (by Hedi McDonald, old coworker) as well:

Hope you like the column, and realize how much work we put into Watchmen to make it look the BEST it can. All of us who worked on it are really proud of it (me, Aaron, Emily, and Hank), and hope you learned something you didn't know about what went into producing the new reprints including the Absolute Edition!

Before I go, I do have art to show, but it's not MINE! It is a piece my wife drew for one of her classes. She is taking a drawing class, and a design class this year, and although I'm trying to teach her a lot myself, and help her, as you can see below, she doesn't need much help at all! This piece was for her design class believe it or not, and it is an illustration of the classic "Hanged Man"! Hope you like it, and let her know what you think!

The Hanged Man
By Kristy Breen

Pen & Ink

VERY PROUD of you Kristy, GREAT job!

I will have more stuff to post soon, including another drawing of Max from where the Wild Things Are, and a drawing of my favorite clan of new Lanterns, the Indigo Tribe, from Blackest Night, later this week!

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