Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning from the Master!


Hi everyone!

One thing I have found out about working in this industry we call the Comic Book Industry, is that you make some really good friends. We really have quite the little community established, and for the most part, everyone is really friendly. For the MOST part. There have been so many people I have meet and talked to, either by phone or email, that I have worked with to some capacity, who I now know I can also call a friend.

And what do friends do for each other?, but help each other out. One such friend I have made is a colorist named Brian Miller. Brian Miller is the founder and owner, along with his wife, of HiFi Colour Design since 1998. Since then, he and his company have been producing some of the BEST, high quality color in comics in the industry! I have worked with Brian probably since I started at DC Comics in 2000, and maybe even interning in 1999.

It wasn't until much recently that Brian and I started getting closer through email. I have yet to meet him or his wife in person, but am sure to remedy that very soon. Brian has been nothing but nice to me, supportive of my job at DC throughout the years, putting up with all my emails everyday, and he has also been a HUGE influence in my personal artwork and career. He has given me tremendous encouragement, advice, and support for a while now.
Whenever I talk to Brian, he is always so upbeat, so enthusiastic about his work, that I knew I liked working with him for many many years to come. I like to think that if you can still be enthusiastic about working in this comic book industry after two years in the business, then I would like to know you better, because it is not an industry for the weak of heart. It is very demanding, very competitive, and very, very time consuming. I knew Brian was someone who I could look up to in that sense (him being one of the most relied upon colorist in the biz), and work harder and harder everyday to just try and accomplish at least a smidgen of all the things he has already accomplished in the industry!

On that note, Brian had asked me recently, to contribute a weekly column on his NEW website, called Master Digital Color. It is a wonderful site filled with not only comic book news, opinion's, and insight, but other entertainment media as a whole. Brian and his team have put tremendous care and skill into this new site, and it can only grow from here. I was honored and thrilled to be asked to contribute to the site, and I want you all to not only check out the site, but read all the stories there-in. In return, I'm hoping Brian will color my huge Green Lantern Spread for me, which you haven't seen yet, because it is still being inked! I'm hoping it looks something like this snippet of a double page spread, which Brian colored for Final Crisis, Legion of 3 Worlds #5:

My column is going to be a weekly column about, what else... COMICS! I want to talk about a lot of things, but mainly focus on the aspect I know the most about in the industry, and that is Production/ Pre-Press! I have made a career here, working at DC Comics for the past 9 years, in Pre-Press and I thought it high time to start talking about what it is I do exactly, and how other artists should know how to do what I do.

I hope you follow the column every week, and make comments, and ask questions on the site, and also on my Blog right here! I want to thank Brian Miller again for giving me the chance to get my voice out there, and contribute to his site. I love comic books, I love talking about comic books, and I love talking, period! So if you like my babbling here, why not check out more of what I have to say, here:


Corey Breen
CjB Productions

PS- Apparently the JLA/ Rittenhouse Card sets are NOT out yet, so I'm STILL holding off on showing you all the work I did on those. I think it was pushed back a bit, so I will find out whats going on with that, and let you know as soon as I know more info about it!

PPS- More art to come soon. I haven't picked up a pencil in over a month because of my Wedding/ Honeymoon, so I'm DYING to get back to the drawing table!

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