Friday, September 14, 2012

My Superboy #0 Cover Correction

Happy Friday Everyone!

Every so often I am asked by editors to do art corrections of a various nature on the covers to DC's books.  I wanted to post one recent one, for the cover to Superboy #0.  The editor came to me and asked if I could add in Superboy's foot.  It looked a little awkward that if was not showing since he was supposed to be jumping out of the "ripped interiors".

I said "yes, I CAN!" LOL

So in the style of the original artist (in this case, the always AWESOME R.B. Silva), I drew a foot.  I tried to match the art style of R.B., thinking, how would R.B. would have drawn this foot if he drew it.  I then took a piece of paper, light-boxed over the cover image, and drew the foot so it matched in scale.  I scanned in the foot, went to the color file of the cover, and dropped in the new foot.  I then backed up the blacks, and colored the foot matching the color in the file.  So not only do I match the artist but I also match the color and style of the colorist.

Below is the original solicited cover compared to the final revised color that now has the foot I drew and colored on it.  I also posted the 'foot' drawing I used to patch it all from.  Just another look at a small contribution the likes of which I do everyday at DC!

Superboy #0 Cover by RB Silva
Right Foot by Corey Breen (lol)
© DC Entertainment

The 'Foot'
By Corey Breen (lol)
© DC Entertainment (lol)


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