Wednesday, September 15, 2010

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Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
Colors by Chris Beckett
Art by Corey Breen

Neytiri from Avatar © 20th Century Fox
Art & Color by Corey Breen

I get an amazing sense of accomplishment and fulfillment from other professionals who want to either ink or color one of my pieces. All artists are quiet modest about their work, so when another artist likes your work enough to want to work with you on a piece, it is a real honor for me.

One of my ex-coworkers here at DC has gone freelance and who is primed to be the next big name in coloring, liked my piece of Neytiri, and asked if he could color it. I gave him the file, and almost had forgotten about it, just because I have been so busy getting ready for NY Comic Con. But yesterday, Chris surprised me by sending me this incredible new color version of the piece! I absolutely LOVE it! The tone, the gentle palette, and the mood Chris was able to capture with his colors here, really added so much to the drawing!

Chris said, " I mainly really wanted to use pink cause I never get a chance to. :)" Well said, Chris, and I think it really makes Neytiri pop here, and I think it just looks really pretty!

Below Chris' amazing rendition of the piece, is another version by me that I did exclusively for the NYCC! I will have note-cards and posters to sell at the show of this version. I have tweaked my colors for this piece like 100 times, but I kept coming back to this all blue approach, and I think it really works better then the previous full color version I did before. It's no where NEAR the quality or wonder that Chris was able to achieve, but hope you like it just the same.

Thank you Chris for the piece, and I hope we work together on other stuff REALLY, really soon! I mean it!

You can follow Chris on Twitter, @TheHappyBucket

Lots more announcements to come as we draw oh so much closer to NYCC! Woo HOO!


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