Saturday, October 10, 2009

Cave Drawing Ink Sketch Contest!

Buffy the Vampire Slayer © Fran Kuzui, Rubel Kuzui & Kaz Kazui
By Corey Breen

This is a drawing I did for the fine folks over at Cave Drawing Ink!

My coworker is a part of their crew, and they have some amazing artists and writers whose only goal is to make great comics and great artwork! They have a weekly sketch contest going, and they needed a fill in this week. I stepped up to the plate, and hope to contribute more on a weekly basis if they continue to have them. It'll not only get me to stay fresh and loose by doing a drawing at least once a week (which I do anyway, but sometimes it's tougher then other weeks, and this will make sure I do it).

Each week they have 3 or 4 artists do their rendition of a theme. It's kinda like the Iron Chef of sketch book entries. This weeks theme is Buffy the Vampire Slayer, one of my all time personal favs, so it was not hard for me at all to enter this weeks contest. It took a little while to get her face right, but once I felt I nailed it, I really like how this piece came out.

Now it's all a matter of fan opinion, as the fans of the site vote on which one they think is best! So PLEASE visit the site, and vote for my drawing. Or Dezi's or Ed's for that matter. Don't care who wins, because all three entries in this week's contest RULE! But go to the site, vote, check out the other artists and they're AWESOME work. Cave Drawing Ink is a great site, and a great group of artists, who I'm sure you will be hearing much more about in the future!

Until next time,

Peace OUT!



10/9/09 Sketch Contest!

Hey Everyone,

Back again for another round of sketch contests. Since it's October and were edging closer to Halloween our guys decided on Buffy the Vampire Slayer as our next theme. So here we have three sketches to choose from below. Remember to vote for your favorite in the comments section at the bottom. Make sure to put your e-mail address so we can contact you if you happen to win the free sketch!! So sink your teeth into this weeks sketches and keep giving us your ideas for future sketch contests!

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