Monday, July 6, 2009

Seeing Red!

Mary Jane © Marvel Comics
By Corey Breen
Pen & Ink & Photoshop

Went to draw Sam Keith's The Maxx, and this is what came out. Sometimes, you go to draw something, and all of the sudden, you are TOTALLY drawing something else. Not that I mind drawing Mary Jane, but it was definitely NOT what I intended to draw. Oh well...

This drawing actually made me promise myself that I REALLY need practice drawing women and the female form again. Maybe even go to some figu
re drawing classes or something. I realized I am really rusty at drawing woman, as you can see, and need to practice, practice, practice! Sometimes I get to used to drawing one gender, and I get really out of sorts on the other. So I think I'm gonna try to limit myself to some females for the next couple of sketches. I saw a TOTALLY kick a$$ drawing of Joe Mad's Red Monika on the Wildstorm Blog the other day, so I wanna take a crack at that character. You can see what I'm talking about here:

Awesome, right?! Especially the one by Nuñez, even though it is a little bit too close to Joe's style. You have to be careful with that. Joe is my favorite artist, but his style is so distinctive, that even if you come close to it, you are called a Joe Mad clone (even though Joe Mad got his whole style from tons of Japanese Anime). But that's a whole another blog entry entirely! LOL

I'll get back to that topic someday...

In the meanwhile, check out what I got! Yup, I finally was able to hit the parlor, and get that tat I designed like over a year ago, that I posted way back when. I love and hate getting tattoo's. I love it when I get them (then always want more), but then I hate that I make it such a process to get one, what with designing it myself little by little (and trying not to over-do it). And it costs a lot of money. LOL

But check out the final skin job below:

Tattoo Design © Corey Breen

Tattoo by
Sweetie @ East Side Ink
97 Ave B
(btw 6th & 7th St)
NY, NY 10009

Best tattoo shop in NYC, East Side Ink and my second tattoo by Sweetie, a former coworker at DC, now one of the best artists in the city (and I just get easy tribal-like designs, you should see his more artistic tats)! Definitely hit them up if you want a tat, they are the best!

Original design again:

Tattoo Design © Corey Breen

Well, that's it for today. I still haven't gotten around to posting and blogging about a lot of work already completed. I'm really just waiting on things like inks, colors, and release dates to work themselves out. Wish I could just show you everything I got in the cannon, I just got to be patient, and I'll get to show you all that stuff soon! It'll be worth it, promise! I'll do my best to get you something by 20th, before I leave for my Honeymoon. Just so you think I'm not lying, I am waiting to post:

The Green Lantern Corps Spread
The JLA Rittenhouse Cards
The Project Rooftop Wolverine Redesigns

Saint Walker Colors (still need to finish)
Batman & Robin Inks & Colors (still need to finish)

More Examples of the work I do at DC Comics!

OH, and speaking of which...

The JLA Rittenhouse Archive Card Set drops July 22nd, 2009!
More info as it gets closer...

All my best,


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